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Establishing a Business or Corporation Our support in this area includes assisting with fundamental issues (such as the purpose of the new business and setting a fiscal year), to researching similar trade names, drawing up and certifying articles of incorporation; drafting documents for board member selection, meeting transcripts, survey paperwork, etc.; handling bank transfers for startup capital; registration of incorporation; filing and drafting paperwork for notification of incorporation, “blue tax returns,” withholding taxes, depreciation methods, and other Revenue Office-related documents including inventory methods; as well as the option of new applications for social insurance and labor insurance

We implement comprehensive assistance from consultation on the basics to submission of final documents to the Revenue Office.


Is it true that a corporation can be established with just one yen as capital?

Yes. It is possible to found a public corporation on just one yen of paid-in capital now that the minimum capital system no longer exists. However, there are establishment expenses such as ¥150,000 in registration license tax as well as the ¥50,000 certification fee.

Can a single person establish a corporation?

Yes. The founder (the person carrying out the establishment procedures) can be a single person, and once established, there can be a sole stockholder. Also, as long as the company being established is not one with a board of directors or board of auditors, one person is sufficient to fill the officer positions, just as has been the case previously for limited liability companies. So, it is now possible for a single person to establish a public corporation.

What different kinds of companies are there?

Can I still establish a limited liability company? Four types of companies are permitted: joint-stock corporations, general partnership companies, limited partnership companies, and limited liability companies (under a new nomenclature). Each is selected based on the purpose of the new company being established. The limited liability company system that previously existed has been abolished and that particular kind of company can no longer be established. However, what was previously called a limited liability company is basically treated the same as a joint-stock corporation, so some of the special provisions still remain.

Is the trade name survey no longer necessary?

Concerning prominent trade names, the Unfair Competition Prevention Law protects the rights of a trade name regardless of whether or not it is registered, so the regulations under corporate legal code have been relaxed. However, a minimum level of prior diligence is required because it is not permissible to register the same trade name in the same headquarters location as another company.